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 For CUSAT CAT previous year question papers you may want to visit these links : Link1 , Link 2

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  • CUSAT CAT Question papers
  • Engineering Question papers, 2002 Scheme, 2006 Scheme, 2012 Scheme, 2015 Scheme Question papers.
  • School of Management Studies Question papers
  • And Much more.

Whats new ?

#Updated on 18/05/2016 @ 12:08 PM

  • Added our owncloud server for Mobility and Flexibility.
  • Added more Question papers 2015,2016.

#Updated on 11/01/2015 @ 12:03 AM

  • Added updated question papers in S4,S3  Btech.
  • 2014,2013 question papers included in some folders. More will be added on request.

#Updated on 02/12/2014 @ 12:00 AM

  • Removed 4sync and other dead links
  • Arranged in scheme wise.
  • More files added.

#Updated on 25/08/2013 @ 1:00 AM

  • Added file support.
  • Files are more arranged.

#Updated on 23/08/2013 @ 3:00 AM

  • Added 2012 Admission question papers (Examination held on 2013).
  • Added Support.
  • Dropbox Links arranged according to Subject wise in most semesters.

#Updated on Feb 13, 2012 @ 21:37 AM

  • Uploaded every question papers to Dropbox.

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0 responses to “Question Papers”

  1. CusatXpress Avatar

    VIIIth Semester Question papers are uploading now….
    if anyone have the Question papers of 2010 and 2011 in PDF format please be kind enough to upload into the Respective folder.. that would be very grateful.. else please mail us on [email protected]

  2. krishobh Avatar

    it is not able to acces the folder(download entire folder ) from

    Error :
    Problems in zipping folder. The folder may be empty or you may not have permissions to download these files. If you think you are getting this message in error, please contact Box.

  3. CusatXpress Avatar

    Dear krishobh ,
    You cannot download entire folder at just one click.. browse through the folder and Download question papers you needed only. there are many unneeded Question paper version which you may not required to download.. Cusatxpress uploaded it in Inorder for Students to Select and download the QPs which they needed only. Sorry for inconvenience caused

  4. vikash Avatar

    Where are the 4 Sem q papers????

  5. Sahil K.A Avatar

    Get into Btech Question papers / select Semester 4th / Select branch / Download Necessary Question papers
    if you fail to find it there please See this mirror post :

  6. Sahil K.A Avatar

    Got the Updated Question papers till 2011.. will update sooon !!

  7. vikash Avatar

    I can’t find the 2011 ques papers of
    CS – S4

  8. CusatXpress Avatar

    2011 Question papers Are in process of upload.. please be patient.. Check back later
    Considering the Urgency I have uploaded the microprocessor (CS s4) please find the link

    Microprocessors 2011 April (2006 Ad)
    Microprocessors 2011 Jan (2006 Ad)

  9. Sahil K.A Avatar

    Please give away all your suggestion about this new system.. and Lets us know you comments pleaseeeee… !!

  10. manoj Avatar

    we need previous year question papers of electronics&biomedical engineering please

  11. Sahil K.A Avatar

    Sorry Manoj !! Electrical and Biomedical Engineering Question papers are not with us ! sorry !! i will kepp you updated if we have any update on the Biomedical Engineering Question papers !!!

  12. sebin paul Avatar
    sebin paul

    were can i get sem 1&2 que papers

  13. Anu Ajayan Avatar
    Anu Ajayan

    please provide me, the 7th semester question paper of 705(A) COMPUTER COMMUNICATION (2006 scheme needed)….plz hlp me…

    Thnkz in advance..

  14. Sahil K.A Avatar

    I hope you got the answer !!

  15. Anu Ajayan Avatar
    Anu Ajayan

    didnt get u..?

  16. nasir Avatar

    pls upload some question papers of S7-IT 705(d) cryptography and data security 2006 scheme.There is no question paper of 2006 scheme. Pls get it fast. S7 supplementary exam is on next month.

  17. Nasneen Avatar

    if u can please tell me from where i get the pre ious question papers of cat msc biotechnology?kindly requested to reply me..

  18. danish mohammed Avatar
    danish mohammed

    previous cat qustion papers are not available.

  19. Sahil K.A Avatar

    Sorry we dont have the Question papers of CAT Msc biotech… will try to have it and will let you know !!

  20. Immanuel Benny Avatar
    Immanuel Benny

    I can’t find 2012 question papers of s4 me

  21. Sahil K.A Avatar

    Please reply here which subject you are searching for. We will sure dig out something !

  22. Hrishabh Kashyap Avatar

    guyz plz upload April 2012 question papers of EC (2006 scheme) for all the subjects…..hope to get it soon

  23. Akhil Avatar

    we need previous year question papers of S8 EE 804(C) Flexible AC Transmission and S7 EE 705(d) Optimal Control Theory please

  24. CusatXpress Avatar

    Please wait. We will get back to you shortly. If you dint received any response in 2 days please raise a Support ticket at cusatxpress

  25. CusatXpress Avatar

    Will be replying you soon.. Kindly be patient.

  26. Sahil K.A Avatar

    Hey Akhil,
    1) We only have 804 (A) and 804 (B) question papers with us..
    2) 705 (D) not in our database !

  27. Sahil K.A Avatar

    Uploading process in progress… please be patient !
    Thanks !

  28. jessy george Avatar
    jessy george

    plz upload 2011 & 2012 question papers for s6 ece (2006 scheme)

  29. Sangeetha Avatar

    please upload 2012 question papers for Artificial Intelligence(CS 802) and Security in Computing(CS 801) and April 2010 question paper for Object Oriented Modelling and Design(CS 803) 2006 scheme

  30. sarath Avatar

    can u please tell me where can i get the notes of 1st year b tech?

  31. Sahil K.A Avatar

    Please ask as a Question in our supporting forum and we will have it to you fast .. ask in

  32. Sahil K.A Avatar

    Notes are not available till date. we do have workshop notes !!

  33. akhil Avatar

    please provide me, the 7th semester question paper of EE 705(C) NEURAL NETWORK AND FUZZY LOGIC (2006 scheme needed)….plz hlp me

  34. Sahil K.A Avatar

    Ask the Request now in .. we will provide you answers there !! this supporting section is now closed !

  35. dsa Avatar

    please upload 3 sem mathematics and EC papers of 2011 and 2012(2002 syllabus)

  36. Sahil K.A Avatar

    IIIrd sem Mathematics (2002 admission) : Dropbox –

  37. Aysha Raseena Avatar
    Aysha Raseena

    if u can please tell me from where i get the previous question papers of cat aptitude test for MCA ? kindly requested to reply me..

  38. sanooop Avatar

    any one do a favour pls upload previous 3 years first year question papers

  39. Sahil K.A Avatar

    Hey Sanoop !
    Recently (2012) the syllabus of SOE CUSAT has been changed so you wont have much help with the previous year question papers. The first batch (2012) will be writing their exams this year only(2013).

  40. NAYAN KUMAR Avatar


  41. nihala parveer Avatar
    nihala parveer

    plese give me Cusat CAT syllabus

  42. jominjohn Avatar

    where are the question papers of [email protected]??

  43. Deepak Avatar

    pls upload Engineerring mechanics 104 2009,2007 question paper

  44. Sahil K.A Avatar

    Sorry Deepak , we dont have it !

  45. arjun kn Avatar
    arjun kn

    please provide 2007-2012 sem 3 mathematics and Fluid mechanics for SE.

  46. Devika Avatar

    sir i need m tech image processing previous year question papers.. as of now semester 1 question papers are enough…

  47. Kannan Avatar

    Kindly upload Previous years CUSAT M.Sc Biotechnology Question papers.

  48. Sahil K.A Avatar

    Sure we will !

  49. Deepu Avatar

    Thank you cusatxpress….. You are doing a great job. Friends who are using this website, plz don’t hesitate to share this. This is so useful.

  50. CusatXpress Avatar

    Thanks alot Deepu.
    Its great feeling to hear nice feedback from users 🙂

  51. CusatXpress Avatar

    Look here :
    its 2012 Syllabus !

  52. CusatXpress Avatar

    Look here
    SEM 3 Mathematics :
    SEM 3 Fluid Mechanics :

  53. rosmy pius Avatar
    rosmy pius

    Can i get CS 705B information retrieval qn papers (2006 admission) of the years 2010,2012,2013 ?

  54. CusatXpress Avatar

    We are afraid we don’t have the question paper you requested. ! searched in also and failed to find the same.

  55. vishnu Avatar

    please add radio communication (2006 admission)2013 ,supplementary examination question paper

  56. DARSANA.S Avatar


  57. sneha Avatar

    can u please help me to get sem 4 btech cse cusat previous yrs quetion papers

  58. sharmada Avatar

    can i get the pattern of cusat Msc electronics entrance examination?

  59. Sahil K.A Avatar

    please follow the link. its there or look here :

  60. Nadheem Avatar

    Please upload qp of 2014,15, 8th semester EI Instrumentation system design (2006 scheme)

  61. Super Admin Avatar

    We will look in our database and let you know !!

  62. sanu sunny Avatar
    sanu sunny

    i want s3 2006 scheme solid state electronics 2012 to 2016 previous year question papers??

  63. sanu sunny Avatar
    sanu sunny

    i also want s3 2006 scheme electronic circuits1, network theory and 2006 scheme s5 electromagnetic theory and s5 2006 scheme digital system design ( question papers 2012 – 2016 ).thanku

  64. Nikhil joseph Avatar
    Nikhil joseph

    I need previous question papers of civil engineering 2012 Scheme for 7Th Semester

  65. Nowfal Avatar

    Please upload 2012 scheme mechanical question papers of 7th semester

  66. Ahil Avatar

    Please give me question papers of 2006 scheme mechanical all subjects