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The illustrous Ragging Poster

Well you might have seen this board in front of NLB just past our college gates….not a cozy way of welcome to be sure but this can be excused considering the wide notoriety CUSAT has for ragging.What cant be excused is the grammatical blunders in the poster “a gentleman never hurts the feeling of others”,i am no expert but i am sure it should be worded “a gentleman never hurt’s the feeling’s of others”(correct me if i am wrong).Even then it’s one of the most weak anti-ragging statement i have ever read.Nobody is going to look twice at this sentence when nobody wants to be a gentleman(so 1950)..bad boy is pretty much in style these days.It also excludes ladies from it which is weird considering the many reported cases of ragging among them.The only effective anti-ragging slogans are direct and decisive.It should outline the laws and punishments in store for them if they break them.

I hope this poster would be removed some time soon



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