Paneli Poru – A Travalogue
A lot of people i know would’ve probably parked their car in the service centre and cried all day after wrecking their brand new car.We had other plans though. And thats how Paneli poru came into the picture. And i am particularly impressed with our decision cause the day turned out to be nothing short of remarkable.

Located 35 km from the Oberon mall[which very much is the centre of ekm these days], Paneli Poru is the right kind of place for instant nirvana.From tree house to monster sized centipedes the place has something to offer for all kinds of travel enthusiasts.Sadly,the road ain’t meant for cars with a low ground clearance [which we sadly found out] and i would certainly suggest an suv or a two wheeler as the mode of conveyance.
Unlike every other exotic picnic spots, the trip to the place does not really give you an idea of what is to come.Just ordinary houses and schools. In fact, there were umpteen moments in the journey when i thought that all the hype surrounding the place was unjustified. But how wrong could I be.
Pay the entrance fee,take the horrendous steep, park your car, walk 20m and suddenly you find yourself searching for the ‘totem’. Yes, the place is incredibly ‘Inception’. Initially you see a mighty river,then you feel the surrounding forests, move a little further and there is the strategically placed Krishna idol which reminds you of the malayalam classic ‘njaan gandharvan’, another 50 metres and theres a green pasture and aa tree house.Move on and suddenly its a thick forest. Some more and the river is no longer there. Instead its breaks into[technically its the opposite. these river-lets join to form the river] cherubic streams of pure cold water.
To call it a dream would be an understatement. This was pure fantasy. The architect of the dream certainly knows a thing or two! But jumping into the water is seriously inadvisable. There is sign board which cautions tourists against the dangerous currents that lie beneath. Yet you hear the ‘Sirens’ tempting you to join them. To be there and not touch the water is like to be in sri krishna sweet house and not try the sweets. In both the case, its better you don’t. It’s highly addictive.
Time was against us though. Soon it became dark via Earth’s rotation and the murky grey sky which meant we had to call it quits. No conclusion though. The journey has just begun.
A nature lover and travel enthusiast myself, I’ve been drawn to different places across Kerala by its sheer beauty and colour. But Paneli Poru is different and unique. Its the mystery of the place thats highly seductive. From its very queer location [for a place thats so beautiful] to the cloud like tributaries everything about the place is ‘strange’. Yet another element of the truly amazing Kerala-God’s own country.


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