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“Ente patti pokum cusatil”-in typical Malayalam language dis was ma reaction to all those who spoke to me in praise of cusat until last year.Having spent whole f ma lyf in kalamasery nd a major portion f ma academics in a school very next to cusat ( anybody can guess that school,coz there’s only one..) I didn’t likw cusat at all.( “familiarity breeds contempt proverb” works here..). Cusat was just at walkway distance from my home, nd dat was another reason for my hatred bcoz I badly wanted to stay in hostel..( probably bcoz I don’t know wat it means to stay away frm home….!) so I had already made up my mind not to join cusat well before my +2 std itself..

After all dose boards, entc xams , results nd stuffs , I was happy for being allotted to a fairly good college and den our very own cusat (infamous for its late admission procedures) announced its attotment schedule. I didn’t want to even attend dis.. the very prevois day of my scheduled allotment day, dad asked me a precise yes or no questn-“ to attend or not”. I said yes,just because dat I don’t want to take d blaim of not opting ,instead, I thought I won’t get admission to my first choice, and I prayed whole night for dat. And he did hear dat ( sometimes he do hear me.. )  I didn’t get allotted to my first choice, instead got attoted to second. nd den the twist in d story …… in flash of a sec, I changed my decision. I still do not know wat on earth made me join . but then, I was famous for dis kind of  behaviors and thus ma life in cusat began.

There were many fears nd anxieties in the beginning.But all proved to be pointless. Life in cusat as a junior is going to end soon, and till now I haven’t had any bitter experience xcept an assign….!!

The strikes ,( cusat is famous for dis one too..)..we love them very much..Be it SFI’s or KSU’s, we lik them very much but not when they ask us to join the procession. Even the very recent election campaigning turned out to be fun. One group will come and claim something they did, nd the very next day the other will come and reverse the whole story said by the first..( walls too hav ears I suppose)..

I’m  waiting to see  the arts ,techfest nd sports too…… must be fun…

The journey so far has been good, if not best. Hav met some wonderful nd some not so wonderful people here.People from diff. places,background nd culture; some typical bhujis who think abt nothng othr dan studies,some who think adt everything other than studies,some great promises to future to politics,some false promises too, nd some who doesn’t lik to use “kk” for ok..!! J

It took little time for me, but I do realize that cusat is not like wat I imagined

Many of us call dis place as heaven(Sooner or later I may also join the bandwagon ) let dis turn to be a heaven for everyone…

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