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Rumours Section in CusatXpress

, have you ever been so shocked to heard your friend yelling that the results would be out on next day or that evening.. well you will beat up the specific person if the rumor comes to be a wrong one.

CusatXpress brings you a whole new dimension of Rumoring about CUSAT. well we have a shoutbox here which is public accessible one.

You woke up and heard the Results will possibly out on next day.. logon to Cusatxpress and paste the rumour in Cusatxpress Rumor box.Let everyone visiting Cusatxpress be aware of what is going on in CUSAT.

A rumor or rumour (see spelling differences) is often viewed as “an unverified account or explanation of events circulating from person to person as the dictionary meaning.well paste it .. may be the whole thing is wrong or they might be true .. all you have to do is paste it here in the shout box. Please Dont spam.


Access the Rumours section from Sidebar or Exclusively from here

Just remember the url : /


Start Rumoring … Share it..

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