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Trends in Music – Dec 2011

In this Post i have tried my level best to Include the rocking songs/albums in this December 2011 which is getting hits on YouTube and in the heart of fans and music lovers. Go around and play these songs . Hit like if you love any one of them. you can also suggest the songs if they are not included in this post. we will add it soon

1.Why this Kolaveri di…

Hits in YouTube:


Song by Anirudh Ravichander (composer) & Dhanush (singer)

Album/Film :  3 (moonu)

Music From : The Motion Picture
Released  :   16 November 2011
Genre   : Promo/Filmi
Length :    4:08
Label   :  Sony Music
Writer :    Dhanush

2.Kalli katturumbe


Hits in YouTube:


Band : Gayaan The Band
Language : Malayalam

About the Band :
Many men make Music…. But few men are made of Music… They breath Music…. They are rare…. But for you…. They are here… Music taking the form of men…. GAYAAN
web :

3.Kaithola paaya virichu Remake by Vidwan

Hits in YouTube:


about the band : Vidwan – A Rule based expert system shell implements backward chaining inference mechanism with uncertainty factors and explanation facilities. With a simple rule base structure, it is easy to learn to use Vidwan and can have sample runs of the execution with Vidwan on the provided example rule bases.Genre
Folk , Electronica, Experimental, World
YAKZAN GARY PEREIRA : Keyboards & Synth
BEN SAM JONES : Bass & Guitars
ARPITH EASO SAMUEL : Drums & Percussion
VIVEK THOMAS: Vocals, Guitars & Synth
REX VIJAYAN: Guitars (live)


Likes and Comments please…. if you know any  other album/Band music/Song which is rocking.. comment down or mail at [email protected]

Written by Sahil K . A

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.
- Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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