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Have you ever wanted to improve your vocabulary ? Have you ever attempted to use a words list or a set of flash cards to learn new words, maybe for writing a competitive exam like the GRE or the CAT ? Have you found it really frustrating to memorize words without a context ? If yes then you will love our latest product WordZo, which is a very powerful tool that helps you improve your vocabulary using the most natural and painless methodology.

Using WordZo for 30 mins daily can teach you atleast 15 words daily. This is made possible through Wordzo’s contextual learning engine that works at enriching your vocabulary through words, contexts and meanings all backed up by it’s library of over 20,000 books.


  • Massive Online Library – 20,000 books free to read anytime anywhere
  • Ease of Use – Clutter free and intuitive interface for concentration on the learning process.
  • Contextual learning – Get meanings, pronunciation, usage and translation quickly.
  • Multilingual Dictionary – Translate words to your local language and understand them better.
  • AnyPage Access – Use our learning engine on any website and learn more words reading your favorite content.
  • Dashboard – Personalized dashboard with interesting stats on your learning.
  • Revision Engine – Helps you memorize new words

How to use WordZo

We have create a common craft style video – WordZo in Plain English to teach you how to effectively use WordZo. Please watch this video before signing for your free account at WordZo.

Take a look @ the Video of how to use Wordzo so easily

An Introduction to WordZo from WordZo on Vimeo.

staff review of wordzo

Now here comes the saviour for all those who want to increase their  vocabulary ( and to dose misers who don’t want to spend money on books but still want to read books (:P)..)  Wordzo not just anothr site which promises to get your vocabulary increased.. this site really works and its interestng too…!!  The traditional way to increase your vocabulary is to read and den check the meaning of  unfamiliar words with a dictionary.. but most of us wont really take the pain of doing this  beacause it breaks the continuity of reading and its boring too… we are jst too used of assuming meaning of new words using the givn context… but this noway goin to increase your vocabulary..
        Wordzo unifies the two processes for increasing vocabulary..

  • Reading
  • Finding the meaning  in a single site..with a single click..!!

it offers you 20,000 of books which includes classics and bestbellers like pride and prejudice,alice in wonderland,sherlock homes ( the list goes on).. for free and to find the meaning for new words and understand the book completely..!!

There are two versions of this website available

  • Free Version 
  • Paid version

You can use free version of the application without usage limitation but, there will be a potential restriction of number of books accessible and number of dictionary uses per day. And the website designers have also given a special mode mode for social cause . WordZo is dedicated to providing Wordzo access to those less financially able free of charge. Those in this category need simply contact with wordzo with the relevant document to prove cause. Please use the Contact Us page in website.check the Pricing plans now

Accessing wordzo is not a big deal via mobile also .You can use either Wordzo’s web application from your iPhone or other smart phones. Specialized iPhone and Android app will be released soon and is available free of charge from the site.

This website Wordzo is best for the Students who are preparing themselves for

  • CAT Exams

  • GRE Exams

Happy learning and improve your vocabulary…

about the team

Our sponsors ayruz webholdings are the proud builders of this unique website.The team worked hard for years to develop this intelligent contextual learning mechanism. they are also currently working with Microphonics (phonetics company in UK) and top UK universities such as University of Glasgow & University Strathclyde to build next generation English learning system.


Written by Sahil K . A

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- Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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