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Get a Heavenly desktop for your machine

Get a Heavenly desktop for your machine


The Heavenly Desktop

Flickr user d_carr wanted a workspace that was minimal, but sprung to life when it was time to get some work done, and didn’t want to sacrifice looks to do it. Well, mission accomplished—the combination of a beautiful wallpaper, a few Rainmeter widgets, and auto-hidden launchers is both minimal, functional, and easy to recreate.

The version above is cropped a little bit from the original screen resolution, but we’ll get to what the final product looks like a little later. If you’re looking for a similar look and feel, here’s what you’ll need:

While the snapshot above is a cropped version of d_carr’s workspace with everything hidden away so he can work, here you can see the full version with all of the toolbar visible. I think is still looks great, and the combination of both Object Dock at the bottom and Rocket Dock on the side is actually well matched, although most people tend to use one or the other. Oh, it’s also worth noting that d_carr did all of this in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, although all of the tools will work just as well in Windows 7.

Heavenly and Heavenly (Icons Hidden) | Flickr

If you cant set it up all by Yourself leave a comment here as we will try to help you out… CIAO !!

Here is my desktop after the installation (Sahil K.A)




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