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Green Room 3

It is observed that many students in the current era have low self-esteem and they are facing intrapersonal and interpersonal problems related to academic, family, peers or career and they are needed to be encouraged towards the improvement of employability and social development. Working environment in the modern world is different from what they learned in the class room because of global competition, cultural diversity, latest technologies and lack of critical thinking. Literature suggests that one of the most unfortunate limitations of the text oriented education is the lack of creativity. Creativity is the ability to re-define, re-create and/or reproduce things by firstly questioning them, then by looking at them from a fresher, different angle or perspective, and finally by formulating and/or producing a renewed, different alternative of the very thing that is being looked at.

In this context, The Department of Youth Welfare is organizing “GREEN ROOM 3: Cultivating Creativity” for the purpose of increasing creativity, self confidence, competence and compassion among selected students of the University from 11th to 13th January, 2013.

This programme aims at improving the quality of life through empowering students to enhance their creativity by challenging stereotypes and discrimination. The scope of such training is intended to activate cooperation and promote dialogue, enabling students to adopt an outlook which is based on awareness and understanding, as well as promoting positive attitudes towards diversity and cultural understanding.


Four days; 11th – 13th January, 2013 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)


Morning 6.00 to Night 9.30

Registration fee

100 per participant.


 40 selected students from various
Departments/Recognized institutes.

Selection Criteria

Performance / genuine interest.


  • Use of theater in personality development
  • Social Theater
  • Group Behavior
  • Mind Control
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Communications
  • Soft skills
  • Confidence Building
  • Theater Practices
  • Physical theater
  • Concentration Games
  • Voice Modulation
  • Expressions and Emotions
  • Improvisation
  • Script
  • Project.
  • Invited performances for public.
  • During the program, students learn to improve skills in speech, verbal dynamics, creative movement, language development, and dialogue development.

How to Apply

Download application form

[dl url=”″ title=”Download the Application” desc=”” type=”pdf” align=”center”]


 Filled up applications should reach the office of Director, Students
Welfare, Department of Youth Welfare, Cochin University of Science and Technology on or before 05th January, 2013. Students can collect applications from the office directly.


For enquires, contact the undersigned.
Dr. P.K Baby
Director, Students Welfare
Mob: 9447508345
Email: [email protected]

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