“The day a woman can walk freely on the roads, that day we can say that India achieved independence” said Mahatma Gandhi. Yet, we celebrate our independence every year oblivious of what is happening out there in the cruel world. On one hand we designate women as the “epitome of super power” and on the other we fail to understand, let alone eliminate, the insecurity she suffers to walk alone on the streets, the adversities she faces at every stage, every place and every moment.
The recent brutality that occurred in the national capital and the demise of the brave girl has raised a serious question on the Independence of women in this country. What are we doing to restore their security, their pride and their stature?
This short film is a small attempt, by the employees of Schneider Electric, for a huge task of restoring the respect of Women. It is a mere REFLECTION of the sufferings of women in the society. We hope the nation wakes up to the call.

A short film with CUSATian presence..
Director : Sajessh Sulaiman (CUSAT EEE 2008 batch).
Assistant Director : Joy K G (EC 2008 batch)
Music Director : Ashwin (Mech.2008 batch)
Title Song vocals : Nitin K Menon (Mech 2008 batch..)

Produced By: Sachin Velayudhan
Story: Jyothi sanjeev
Camera: Kanishk N, Music: Ashwin KP, Assistant Director: Joy K G, Finance Controller: Manoj Modi, Crew: Akshay K, Nirmal Sagar, K Viswa Kiran, Sri Vidya
Cast: Tushar Shetty, Sindhu Ravindra, Syam K, Andalib Muhib, Bala

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Published by Sahil K . A

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams. - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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