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Startup Summit – Internship drive and an Idea Pitching Event from CUSAT

   Event Name : Startup Summit.
 Event Date : 19 and 20 of October, 2013.
   Venue : School of Engineering CUSAT
   Organizers : CITTIC , CUSAT.


First of a kind event bridging students-ideas-investors.Along with 40+ companies internship fair .The event is a startup pitching  platform as well as an internship drive at one. The event is held  under CITTIC which is a newly formed organization under CUSAT to  support student entrepreneurship skills and help them interact with companies and their technologies.

The event is scheduled on 19 and 20 of October, 2013.

 Event teaster

On the first  day, the initial rounds of idea pitching would take place. The companies  pitch for a bounty. Pitches would get to the final level on the second  day and the best pitch would be rewarded afterwards. The startup  pitches are being judged according to a number of criteria.  Feasibility, marketability, prototype, etc are some of the criterion  being considered.

It is by keeping in mind the internship requirements of both companies  and students, the Internship drive is designed. Participation of about  1000-1500 students would give the companies a wide range to choose  from. Internship drive would happen in parallel with the pitching  event. About 30+  companies are expected to take part in the event  while close to 100-150 students would find internship opportunities.  At Startup summit, a number of investors, not less than thirty, are  expected to be present at the venue, which gives the students and  their ideas great opportunities to find investment and expand their  business.


  1. Registration is a must for attending and participating in the event. Registrations can be done at the spot.
  2. Round 1: Participants must submit an initial abstract of their idea which is subject to scrutiny by the panel of judges.
  3. Round 2: A presentation lasting for 3.5 minutes, in which the participants must convince the judges about their idea
  4. Round 3: Question & Answers session
  5. Official declaration of results.  


 Poster Sets



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Vimal Gopal M.

+91 9809704495.

[email protected]

Publicity and Relations Manager:

Eby Jose
 +91 8089150636 
[email protected]


Anantharaman Gopakumar
 +91 8111900776
[email protected]

Event Co-ordinators

Riswin M.H
 +91 8891756765
[email protected]

Written by Sahil K . A

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.
- Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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