Move to enable speedy publication of results

In a move to use technology to speed up the evaluation process, the Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) has decided to switch to digital evaluation of answer sheets. A leading testing and assessment firm in the country has been roped in to implement the ambitious project that is expected to offer hassle-free marking of answer scripts. The present pen-and-paper mode of examination will continue.

The Hindu has learnt that the company has agreed to test the software for online evaluation of about 1,500 answer sheets in the pilot phase. The varsity may select the answer sheets of a forthcoming B. Tech examination to kick-start the initiative.

Source : The Hindu

Senior officials pointed out that answer papers are scanned within the institution premises and the electronic scripts will be transferred to the varsity’s data centre, which hosts the marking software. The answer sheets will be made available to evaluators through internet in a secure mode.

They will do the marking on screen and convert it into PDF form. The system will capture the marks awarded and the comments made by the evaluator before tabulating the final scores automatically.

The evaluated answer scripts will be stored in the digital format and the varsity can retrieve and share it anytime as per the requests made by the students officially. The officials said that the totalling errors could also be eliminated using the software besides ensuring easy retrieval in case of loss of the original answer sheets.

The process of sharing answer sheets among the multiple evaluators is also easier. The technology also enables real-time monitoring of evaluators.

The Hindu | Source

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