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Well, it’s that time already… A moment of dread for some, joy to others and of blatant indifference and “who gives a f**k” for most. But as nostalgic as this piece might want you to become, in reality, it’s just a question of all the shared friends and collective experiences that one may have had in this beautiful (some sarcasm intended) place we call CUSAT.

From behind misty eyes, moistened by sentimentality or just last night’s splitting hangover, most of us would have now begun contemplating their past 3 years here. I believe I speak for the ‘herd’, when I state the following journey that has been, pretty much, the same for each and every one of us…

A mild mannered (for the most part), pimply faced 18 year old standing in front of a mirror with a banana and a whole world of possibilities… oops… wrong article. What I meant was: A mild mannered, pimply faced 18 year old standing in front of a mirror with an admission letter and a whole world of possibilities… This was what each of us had to begin with. Unfairly enough, I’m not going to go into what it took to get that in the first place. Partly because it would be exceedingly lengthy, and because nobody gives a s**t.

First order of business always is finding a place to stay. Haunted by sadistic tales of the dreaded, dare I say it… Ragging… oooh… Our parents and/or well wishers, warn us plenty. Walking to place after place, looking for the right one, a place insulated from all the ‘anti–social’ characters that their offspring could fall prey to, they diligently pursue this place of sanctity… Or they just put them at the VC’s gunman’s place or at Opal… I don’t really care. For the creative lot, they sought out new and freshly opened homes ready for occupation at bargain prices. And for some of us, we end up at Dream Valley, or some other dreadfully morose and deeply uninspiring abode.

Whatever you may have ended up with, until you end up with one place after countless switching; you can safely assume that you have settled in for at least one good year (or a bad one). And if you were anything like me, you would meet and hang out with someone you had never met in your life and become something known as a “Room mate”. Well, this is wild card really, and although no one can guarantee you’ll not end up with someone impossibly woeful. I can guarantee however that you don’t really have a f**king choice, so deal with it.

As the days roll by, you slowly realize, that classes are just as meaningless as condoms at a lesbian orgy. Some of us spend time at the library mooching off the free wifi, others form political alliances and become proactive members, and some who in their state of sloth and narcotics fuelled state of stupor, don’t even bother getting out of their nocturnal habitats.

People are therefore quite, colourful to say the least. You will meet (If you’re not already one of them):

  1. The Jocks, or the sports people. With their lean builds and superior lung capacities.
  2. The Social Butterflies, with their terrible cacophony of high-pitched shrieks and obnoxious laughter.
  3. The Readers, with their calm demeanor and non-provocative books and dressing.
  4. The Brutes, large and wide with homicidal tendencies in every step and a mean swagger, looking to drop you like bowling pins.
  5. The Freakz, with their gelled up hair, skinny jeans and extra long t-shirts, shouting out “yo man, freak man, bro man,what man… “
  6. The Geeks, with their infinite knowledge of graphic card performance and software compatibility. They will probably be your friends till the day of your graduation, maybe even forever…

But all jokes aside, this is just a bare sample of the variety, which you’ll come across here. Some of us even switch sides every now and then (mostly because of a high protein diet, gym or a new Christopher Nolan movie) The point is despite all that, you’ll still be the same kid you were, walking through those metallic grills of A-Section, on that eventful Wednesday morning. Maybe a little wiser, stronger, braver and probably more stressed out. And as to how you’d take it after it all ends… I wouldn’t know, I still have another year to kill.

Post By : Abhinov Punnakkal

Disclaimer :The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of the CusatXpress, or any other entity of the Cochin University.

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