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Inter-disciplinary electives among CUSAT’s major achievements

Making inter-disciplinary electives a compulsory part of the curriculum and the Rs.20-crore Stratosphere Troposphere (ST) Radar figure in the list of major academic and research achievements of the Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), that is vying for the coveted Chancellor’s award.

“Each student will choose an elective in an inter-disciplinary area offered by various departments.

“The aim is to gain experience in areas outside the core curriculum and to provide students a varied learning experience,” said J. Letha, Vice Chancellor.

Academic calendar

The varsity has implemented an academic calendar and strict compliance is being ensured to streamline the various academic and research initiatives.

“The ST radar, which will be operational from November 1 onwards, tops the achievements in research. Funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the radar facility will be used to issue weather bulletins to the public,” said Dr. Letha.


Asked about one initiative that could not materialize as expected, the Vice Chancellor pointed out that the e-governance initiative had not taken off as per the original plan.

“We have started work on it. But the full potential is yet to be tapped. Efforts are also on to start offering the massive open online courses (MOOCs),” she said.

Source : The Hindu

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