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Maker Weekend 2016

Event Name : Maker Weekend 2016
Venue : Open Air Auditorium
Dates : 16, 17 January 2016.
Organizers : CITTIC, CUSAT.

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It is always the combination of right people with the right set of skills that define the success and fate of any project or company. The role of educational institutions in our country for this matter is to equip people with the right set of skills and knowledge required to thrive in this highly advancing world of technology. Maker weekend 2016, is an attempt to empower any learner with technologies and cutting edge projects which could open up a sea of endless possibilities for innovation. The learning curve required to attain certain know hows on topics like electronics, coding, designing and various non-technical event is being broken down in such a way that even a beginner could pursue the journey to wisdom from here.

Maker weekend is inspired solely from the maker revolution initiated by the Maker Party kochi 2014 which was a festival of making and sharing. Here again, we bring together the same passion and cause to make sure knowledge flows through people from all walks of life. Maker weekends gather more than 60 renowned makers from the country with their makes and stalls ready to explain their journey and learning curve involved in completing their make. This sure is to bring light onto people who want to get going with similar technologies or projects.

The revolutionary Neyya ! India’s first wearable gadget exclusively at Maker Weekend! Come see and experience the wonder for yourself! Register at : details :

Posted by Maker Weekend on Sunday, January 10, 2016


Neyya, the first of wearable gadget from India will be exclusively displayed at Maker Weekend in the presence of their makers. 23 student DIY projects and their makers will be explaining their content throughout the two day event. An un conference theme will be followed for the event, so do not look out for agendas or strict timelines, the learning, making and innovating all comes free, fair and square.Wish you all a very happy learning at Maker Weekend 2016


Anantharaman G
+91 8 1119 20 20 7

Mehar Moosa
+91 902 00 24 1 48

Ajay Sankar
+91 8281 47 87 67


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One of the most trusted source for information, CusatXpress is joining us to make this weekend even more insightful!…

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Get the hang on making wonders for yourself! Explore the powerful world of possibilities through Arduino, Raspberry Pi,…

Posted by Maker Weekend on Monday, January 11, 2016

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