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Opening A New Window To The Universe – Talk at Physics Department

Talk by Prof. Gopakumar A, TIRF, Mumbai

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Opening A New Window To The Universe With Gravitational Waves
A talk by Prof. Gopakumar A., TIRF, Mumbai

September 14,2015 is likely to be remembered fondly by the astronomical community. This is the day when researchers first directly detected gravitational  waves, in the fabric of space-time, predicted by Albert Einstein using his general theory of relativity for gravity. The observed transient event was generated by the collision of two black holes,roughly 1.3 billion years ago. This talk will outline the physical and astrophysical implications of the event ( GW150914 ) and how it is opening up a new window to the universe.

  • Venue : Auditorium, Department of Physics, CUSAT, Kochi
  • Time: 2:30 PM, 19-07-2016
  • All are cordially invited
  • Head, Department of Physics
  • Source: Department Of Instrumentation’s Notice Board

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