ST Radar – User Scientists Workshop

Stratosphere Troposphere (ST) Wind Profiler Radar installed in our University was commissioned in December 2016. The radar is successfully functioning and is operating regularly for our research activities. We sincerely hope that new interesting results will come out from this ingenuously developed  ST Wind Profiler Radar at Cochin.

As a part of the man power development, a 2-day User Scientists Workshop on the applications of Wind Profiler Radar is scheduled during February 9-10, 2017 at ACARR, CUSAT. The purpose of the Workshop is to introduce the scientific and technical facilities available in our Country, and to train young researchers in utilizing the high quality data and information available through the CUSAT ST radar. It also to provide a common platform for sharing the valuable and interesting atmospheric observations available through the wind profiler radar at Cochin for advanced research in atmospheric science.

Major areas mentored in this Workshop are

  1. Atmospheric Science
  2. Ionospheric Physics, and
  3. Radio Astronomy.

    Analysis and intpretation of Wind Profiler data in the areas of Atmospheric Science (including turbulence, waves, atmospheric thermodynamics, Atmospheric Electricity, etc), Ionospheric Physics and Radio Astronomy will be trained in this Workshop under the guidance of invited experts.