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International School of Photonics, CUSAT is hosting IONS KOCHI 2017, an International conference funded by The Optical Society (OSA). IONS, International OSA Network of Students is an event which brings together leading scientists, academicians, industrialists, young researchers and students of international community for active discussions and fruitful interactions on various aspects of Quantum Optics and Quantum information.

IONS is a program which consists of a series of conferences organised by the selected OSA student chapters around the world. The International School of Photonics(ISP) owns a chapter having a strong record of consistently maintaining chapter members. Also ISP has been the co-host of last year’s IONS held at ISM(IIT) Dhanbhad. Hence ISP became an obvious choice for hosting IONS which is also being held at 7 other countries worldwide this year.

The IONS conference is usually four days of technical presentations from students and esteemed professors, student chapter related activities and social or cultural events.

IONS KOCHI 2017 held during September 11-14 will be cohosted by IISC Bangalore. The conference will be conducted in the Cochin University Seminar Complex. The Hon. Vice Chancellor of CUSAT Dr. J. Latha will be inaugurating the event on September 11th 2017, 10am. IONS Kochi focuses mainly on quantum optics, quantum computing and non-linear optics.

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