CUSAT Hosted Ship For World Youth Japan Cultural Exchange Program

CUSAT hosted the Ship for World Youth Japan Cultural Exchange program on 12 and 13 February in which a total of 300 delegates from 11 different countries came together to discuss global issues. The program was inaugurated by CUSAT Vice-Chancellor J Letha. Several students from CUSAT joined the discussions. NSS volunteers from CUSAT guided them throughout the whole program.

When participants of the Ship for World Youth Leaders Programme (SWYP) visited Cusat and took part in a group discussion on child rights and education on Monday, Akari Ushida shocked participants from India, Mozambique, and Mexico, when she said that public schools in Japan were kept clean by students after school hours. Ushida was taken aback by the idea that this system was not followed in other countries.
Administrator of SWYP Kenichi Komagata said that the primary aim of the project, an initiative of Japanese government, is to help aspiring youths from across the world ‘exchange opinions and explore other ways of thinking’.

The students visited heritage sites in Kochi and departed on Wednesday to Sri Lanka.

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