Library Technology Conclave 2019 - CUSAT

Conclave on novel technologies at CUSAT

A Library Technology Conclave (LTC 2019) will be held at the Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat) from January 23 to 25 on the theme ‘From e-Books to e-Learning Libraries as Learning Hubs’.

An official release issued here said the conclave aimed at bridging the gap between the infinite universe of knowledge and information seekers, including students and teachers and researchers, using novel technologies. Discussions on new trends in open source library management and producing new learning models by teachers incorporating the latest research outputs will be held as part of the conclave.


Chris Cormack and Marshall Breeding, experts in open source software, will participate.


A library is a social infrastructure for education and learning. From a static edifice of learning material encased in shelves, libraries have progressed well fast in the digital path to evolve as a dynamic and vibrant medium for facilitating self-learning and lifelong education. The technologies of the day are driving the practice of reading and learning from their traditional place of library and classroom to anytime-anywhere model at the pedagogic space and pace of the learner. In the emerging e-learning paradigm, the earlier physical disconnect between the library and the classroom as learning spaces is leading to convergence as both spaces are going virtual. Blending the library and the classroom activities as a new learning paradigm in the e-learning space is an exciting and challenging opportunity for libraries to explore in partnership with teaching communities to provide a new learning experience to the learning communities. Blended learning, which combines – self-learning advantage of e-learning with the teacher-assisted learning in the classroom is emerging as the way forward.

Libraries were the earliest to go digital by providing online search facilities to both physical and digital content. The role of libraries in e-learning space is evolving in the last two decades in different parts of the world.

Best practices are being developed and showcased. As leaders in the promotion of information literacy and champions in building digital repositories of institutional intellectual property assets, libraries today are getting well equipped to play a meaningful role in content management and technology implementation areas in the domain of learning management, in the evolving e-learning space.

LTC – The Library Technology Conclave is in its 4th year. Its focus is – Technology for Libraries. Libraries are the earliest known organised systems for managing the civilisation’s documented knowledge as authentic source of information. Relationship between information (the content) and technology (digital) is symbiotic. Hence, the Conclave’s objective is to serve as a platform for the discourses on content and technology with technology in focus.