CUSAT allows ‘saraswati pooja’ on Alappuzha campus following

Authorities of the Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) Thursday granted permission to a section of students in its Alappuzha campus to conduct ‘pooja’ for Goddess Saraswati, in a peaceful manner following a protest by them.

The permission was granted after north Indian students studying in the Cochin University College of Engineering Kuttanad (CUCEK) protested the CUSAT authorities’ decision not to grant permission to organise the religious function in the institution, college authorities said.

Students from North India had sought permission from the college authorities to conduct ‘Saraswati Pooja’ in the campus on February 9,10 and 11, following which the request was forwarded to the CUSAT authorities.

However, the request was declined by the CUSAT authorities, sayingit “cannot permit religious function/activities of any religion inside campus” “since it was a secular campus.

The North Indian students staged a protest against the decision, claiming that such a pooja was performed in the campus last year with the permission of the college authorities.

Considering the protest of the students, a high-power committee of the CUSAT comprising Vice Chancellor and registrar met and decided to grant permission to the students to organise the Saraswati pooja on February 10 “in a peaceful” manner in the college campus, sources said.

CUCEK Principal N Sunilkumar said the university authorities have orally communicated to him about the decision granting permission to conduct the pooja in the campus.

The North Indian students have also been informed about the decision taken by the University authorities, he said.


Source : Business Standard