A Talk with the ‘Vision of LENS’

Conversation with Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan, director of the multilingual movie ‘LENS’

About Lens – the movie

Description : Aravind gets a friend request from ‘Nikky’, a complete stranger. He accepts the request and they begin to video-chat. The new friend has a bizarre request – To commit suicide, while Aravind watches live. Does Aravind have a choice?
The film is a hostage drama set in the world of video-chat rooms. Thematically the story revolves around the lust for voyeurism in the digital world and its consequences. The film was shot live while the actors lived their parts over SKYPE.

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See what the young grad students of CUSAT did when they heard the story of Paru Amma !

This is a story, a story of change and a story of bringing back the smile which Paru amma deserved. For the others it is like a mere drop in ocean but for her it is the state of eternal ecstasy which she always deserved. Nevertheless there are angels who have the strength of making this earth yet again a beautiful place. The story is about the lady and the angels and it is all from our own campus.