Qualities of CUSAT
In his Website, Mr.Kenny Jacob has described why he loves the CUSAT and why the cusat is special from other Universities.. we can also find the comments of others there which are loud and clear…
so lets see what makes CUSAT special or why should you choose CUSAT
Here I’ll write some of the things I heard about CUSAT before joining CUSAT.
  • The only Technology University in Kerala (Very True)
  • The only university in Kerala, whose name is known outside Kerala(Quite Famous in BIHAR and all other states,one of the Institues where we can find Safety and Fire Enggineering
  • CUSAT degree has got more value than any other university in Kerala(Much better that MG)
  • CUSAT will soon become an IIT(but it will not become possible soon due to corroption in the Officials and Lagging of Works)
  • Companies give preference to students with a CUSAT degree(since the Syllabus is Tough Compared to the MG and others only the Brightest ones passes out,Survival of the fittest theory i guess, god help me)
  • If you want to study abroad you definitely need a CUSAT degree(CUSAT has name in Abroad and it’s Quite famous there,Even they don’t know MG the Interviewers Still knows about CUSAT)
  • CUSAT Syllabus is the best in India,(Yep Among the Top Universities
  • Mixing of Cultures and Languages will be a new Experience

But if u Ask for the advice of a CUSATian he will Not reply like this… may be one of like this “

hmm well i joind this collg..only becoz of the “valuable” cusat degree..cud hav got much bettr colleges undr othr univrsities.but sadly,i learnt only aftr joining here that recrutrs only cnsdr marks..which i dare say cusat isnt so welknwn of prvidin…anyway when cusat becomes an IIeST all othr colleges undr it except soe(School of Engineering)..wil be goin undr othr univrsities in kerala” commented by jibin “

In my Point Of View…..
But i think the CUSAT is in 2nd When compared to other Colleges and institutes,,, the Guys who had denied the admission in the MG will get Admitted to CUSAT… so I guess… make CUSAT ur second choice.. and put any of the MG university in ur Primary goal… i’m not saying that “DONT COME TO CUSAT” …. if u are Lucky u will pass…. Best of luck Guys… take care

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