Dhishna 2K11 – Online Events ACTIVATED – CUSAT 2011


Dhishna 2K11 , The grand techfest of SOE CUSAT had now activated the Online Events portel “Virtual Guest”.The portal is activated and the online events are now up and running.The brain twisters are twisting the heads… Roll  up to the Registration area and win some exciting the Price are daily scheduled…. we will have daily winners….. Go on lets see who wins it !!

yeah yeah Rulesss for online events – DHISHNA 2011

  • The set of  brain teasers is updated @  6 PM. please submit the entries  before midnight of the same day.
  • Click on Play and start playing.
  • “Winner of the day” is  announced on the same page next day before 4 PM.

Prize Money :

  • “Winner of the day” will be awarded with Cash Prize/ Gift Vouchers worth Rs 200.
  • All winners including Bumper Prize winner will be invited to Dhishna Fest at Cochin University of Science and Technology…. Yup the great CUSAT !!!

Online Quest Rules :

  1. If answer is multiline or have spaces, put a comma (,) for each space or line.
  2. Please provide Valid info of yours… .else price money is bhoooom !!
  3. Player submitting the maximum correct answers for the day would be the winner.
  4. If more than one player submits same number of correct answers, winner would be chosen by lucky draw.
  5. Player collecting maximum points during whole event will be chosen as Bumper Prize Winner. Player has to fill same personal details daily to be considered for Bumper Prize.

Invalid entries :

  1. If same player submits more than one entry for the day, his first entry would be counted only for that day!
  2. Intimating entries would be rejected.

Decision of organizers would be final. Queries can be sent to [email protected] or call  at +91-9746322170

Written by Sahil K . A

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