As i was Googling about the placement history of CUSAT a Blog post named “ShArk Food: CUSAT to become an IIT” came to my attention. The keyword of my search was “placements in CUSAT“.You can also see the post 2nd on the search results. it was a personal blog of  Rishabh Mukherjee. Who was a  Dual Degree student at IIIT Hyderabad.The post was like this

Monday, March 06, 2006

CUSAT to become an IIT

But first wtf is CUSAT?? CUSAT=Cochin University of Science and Technology Anybody who at first sight guesses the meaning of CUSAT deserves a Medal. In fact anybody who even knows that there is something called CUSAT deserves atleast a prize. According to this article cochin university is going to be granted the status of an IIT. For once the Government of India should be serious about higher education. I mean i never even heard about “CUSAT” before i read this article. Now this is an online publication so i don’t know how accurate it is but The Hindu is generelly pretty reliable so i guess the news is true. How can a place like CUSAT which never does any creditable work of any kind(never seen or heard of them in any technical/sports competition till date) leave alone research, become an IIT. I mean if this is how IIT’s are made an this is there standard then i am sooooooo happy to be in IIIT. People will argue that the facilities will improve. But what about faculty? I’m sure the faculty of “CUSAT” are not upto IIT standard. So are they going to fire the entire “CUSAT” faculty overnight? this is a joke of the highest order. Man somebody needs to kick the governments ass………

Scribbled by ShArK at 11:25:00 PM


You can also see comments written by our Respected Seniors on the Comments section.I’m sharing this post to all CUSATians to React and Revolute by the means of Comments to Mr.Shark as we fought and let him know what is CUSAT and What are CUSATians .Let him know that his most popular post is the most shameful post in the blog .Thanks as i well knw i am not Creating any Riots !!!

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Published by Sahil K . A

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  1. Sir,nice work done but I like to ask u a qn that why u r giving d informations which is 5 yrs old.I mean to say that cusat has already declined d upgradation & one more thing in 5 yrs many govt. & private institutes better than cusat has set up departments in their colleges for eg. Naval arch. is also present in imu which provides more infra. Facilities then cusat. Another eg. of Safety & fire these branch is also there in nagpur,fec delhi, ips indore.Mind u,ips indore is 10 times more better than cusat.

  2. CUSAT has Ranked Top in the top 20 universities in india based on the main factors Size, Visibility, Research papers and scholars.The Survey was conducted on Feb 2011.The CUSAT has the top rank after NITs in the Kerala.CUSAT has a World ranking on 2399.CUSAT has Scored 34th rank in the Top Government Engineering Colleges.
    I agree With you that there are many colleges which has Risen in india this 5 years ……but CUSAT also has made its way to development and research.. ips indore has Fire and safety engg. i agree, but CUSAT has Fire and Safety ENgg.,Marine Enginering,Ship Tech,Polymer Science and Rubber technology,Photonics…Question is Does IPS indore has all these under single roof….we didnt argued that Safety and Fire does belong to CUSAT only…The prestigious CUSAT was the “first one IN THE COUNTRY” to start a B-TECH course in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY… i just want the Viewers,readers to respond and let them knw that they are not studying in a fake university….. as u can see that seniors have commented some good pointS about CUSAT on that post..CUSAT lost its IIT status not beacuse of the lack of infrastructure nor beacuse of the Quality of the faculties,its only coz of hidden political agenda….. let the Young generation knw what was CUSAT and What is CUSAT !!! Thanks kay For the Comment !! 😉

  3. i strongly disagree with Mr.Shark .itz nt 5n to talk with liltle knowledge….. i wud tl hm just coz he z in iit,he cnt say any rubbish abt a prestigious institute like ours…. …
    WHAT CUSAT IS?????? DO U THINK THAT JUST DEPEND UPON THE INFRASTRUCTURE AND OTHER NEW COURSE IMPLEMENTATIONS HAPPENING THERE……….. i think the future engineers there have a great role in it……. think ma clge wil have a better fame if d students there in cud put in some mre sincere efforts!!!!!!!

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