A tribute to CUSAT (Campus photos) Part 2

            First of all, congratulations for the team members who worked hard for making CusatXpress the official campus blog. It is really a great achievement. I am posting more campus photos this time. I was quite busy for the last month. So I will compensate for it. Enjoy the beauty of our campus.. 🙂 I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year.. 🙂

BTech  Hostel on a sunny day…

There are lot of  things in the campus that draws our attention..

Campus Road, A view from Signal..

After sunset…

Guess the place?

Sargam 2010..

A morning scene..

Near BTech hostel..

Sarovar Hostel (my hostel)..

A view from top of DOE at night..

We study in CUSAT, which is their place of birth.. 😉

Work in progress..

Instru Road..

Our own Bizaz… Have a look at the wall.. 😀

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