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SARGAM 2010 -Rules And Regulations – CUSAT 2010

1. The right to participate in the competitions of University Science and Technology youth festival is restricted to the fulltime and part-time students of constituent departments / colleges of Cochin University
2. The office bearers of the Cochin university union are not eligible to participate in the youth festival competitions.
3. Any student of CUSAT other than the office bearers of Cochin university union can participate in the youth festival competitions even if they are given different charges (including convener ship) for the conduct of the youth festival
4. The overall charge of each team and the team selection organization and participation rests with the general secretary of each college union assisted by the arts club secretary of the college.
5. Participants must bring their own musical instruments, costumes etc or other special item required for different events.
6. An item in the competition will be conducted only if there is a minimum of three entries for solo items and three for group items .the competition for an item will be conducted even if the minimum required is not met due to the withdrawal of entries.
7. The university union will arrange stage and stage requirements .special setting if required for tableaux etc will have to be arranged by the participating teams
8. No make up will be provided .make up man, materials �..etc will have to be arranged by the participating teams
9. Only for the following items external help (background music, lighting etc) at performance only can be sought if not specified otherwise. solo dance, classical dance ,group dance , oppana , mime etc
10. A rolling trophy instituted by the university union will be awarded to the winning team .further there will be another trophy for the runner up team
11. Points awarded
Individual items: 1st place: 5 points
2nd place: 3 points
3rd place: 1 point

Group items: 1st Place: 10 points
2nd place: 6 points
3rd place: 2 points
12. Steering committee headed by the general convener will be the superior body and the members of the participating institution will have to strictly abide by the rules and regulations laid down from time to time by the steering committee of the union
13. If any dispute regarding the results of the competition or such other matter arises the matter shall be referred to the jury of appeal and their decision shall be final


The Honorary Treasurer
Vice chairman
General Secretary
of the university union
General convener
Complaints if any may be forwarded to the general convener in writing through the concerned staff member who is in charge of the institution or team within an hour after the announcement of the results. The charge of an appeal will be Rs.200
14. Competition will be judged by the panel of judges appointed by the university union .each panel will have a minimum of two members except for quiz.
15. If a substitute wishes to take part in an item it should be reported to the program committee by the general secretary or arts club secretary of the concerned college, attempt one hour before the commencement of the competition.
16. Disqualification for violation of eligibility rules. Any disqualification of a participant on the ground of ineligibility will result in the automatic disqualification of the contingent for that arts festival
17. Scoring:
The position for different events shall be awarded on the basis of the average of the marks awarded by the panel of judges generally, the variations of the marks awarded by different judges shall not be grater than 30%.if the difference between the highest and lowest marks awarded exceeds 30% than the average of the two marks, whose difference does not exceeds 30% shall be taken. However in case the difference between the marks awarded by the three different judges is greater than 30% shall be taken as the basis and the average of these two marks is taken
18. Five students from each affiliated college and five students from university main campus (all departments) can participate in the individual events and two teams from each affiliated college and main campus can participate in the group events
19. The time schedule and the general rules of the events can be changed by the steering committee without prior notice
20. Each participant and accompanist should bring their identity card and should produce it on demand.
21. Audio cassettes can be used for all the dance items and organizers will not be held responsible, in case of any audio failure or low audible quality.
22. An individual can participate in five numbers of individual items and five numbers of group items.
23. The general convener/ programme committee may reschedule and pre announce programmes on account of any sudden development
24. Any further changes to the rules can be made without notice by the university union.
25. Any further changes to the rules can be made without notice by the university union.
1. Kalathilakam and Kalaprathibha will be selected on the basis of total points secured in individual items and he/ she should have won prizes in any two following categories (literary, fine arts, music and dance).If such a person does not exist, points earned will be considered
2. In the case of tie for the above titles, the number of 1st places won by the participants will be considered
3. Further questions if any will be settled considering places won in group events
4. In case, the performance exceeds the time limit the curtain will be put down and the micro phone will be cut off
5. A warning bell will be given at the last but 1 minute of the every competition
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