The day, since the word “HACKING” has been coined by John Nash, there has been uncounted and unmeasured e-incidents happened in the world of computing. In broader sense, Hacking is considered as intentionally gaining un-authorized access to a computer system.

(1960-1970)- a hacker is a clever and creative programmer; not destructive—- > harmless
(1970-1990)- hacking starts to become negative; breaking into large computer systems e.g. Govt agencies; spreading viruses; stealing/changing information. also phone phreaking (using phone systems illegally)
(1990-today)- Hackers exploit the vulnerability of the Internet; very destructive; disruptive; involving organised crime; increased risk for e-commerce.

Now using hacking, even the complete details and all data from a computer or even cellphone be hacked without the knowledge of a person. Information related to bank details, social media account, email account, secret material everything can now be hacked or even deleted. As technology is developing, new methodologies like Backtrack OS, Metasploit framework, CyberGate and Darkcomet RAT etc. are adapted for hacking. So keeping yourself safe from getting affected into such hacking trap is indeed a tough task.

Here is a basic story of HACKING—-