Talentime 2014 – Management and Cultural fest by SMS CUSAT

Event Name : Talentime 2014
Event Date : 10 to 12 January 2014.
Venue : School of Management Studies CUSAT
Organizers : Students of  SMS CUSAT.


Talentime is a management/cultural fest organized by the students of School of Management Studies, CUSAT.

Talentime Poster sets - Cusatxpress (2)Talentime is a prestigious management festival that is been into existence since 1982. Talentime was instigated by a bunch of enthusiastic students of School of Management Studies, CUSAT who took it in higher levels with great confidence and team work. They had only one vision: to make Talentime as one of the best management festivals across India to bring talents and brains under one stage from various parts of the country. Every aspiring manager dreams to be a part of this festival and Talentime is the greatest and most coveted platform to showcase their talents and skills which helps the students to analyse their ups and downs.

This year, Talentime is celebrating its 30th Anniversary and we, the students of School of Management Studies proudly say that the earlier editions of Talentime were successful. Being one of the oldest management and cultural festivals in South India, Talentime has attained an iconic stature over the years.

Talentime facilitates a perfect battlefield for tactful and able warriors to battle out and emerge as victors. Talentime is known as the Olympiad of Wits and Skills.

Talentime boasts to be having a great coverage and reach of people from all walks of life thronging the venues for catching a glimpse of the show. The SMS Alumni around the globe come together to be a part of our prestigious festival herald of their alma mater. With an audience of over 6000 witnessing this amazing extravaganza, Talentime transcends the boundaries from being just a college fest to a festival celebrating the skills and talent.

The event is scheduled on 10 to  12 of January, 2014.

  Event teaser

First of a kind event bridging students-ideas-investors.Along with 40+ companies internship fair .The event is a startup pitching platform as well as an internship drive at one. The event is held under CITTIC which is a newly formed organization under CUSAT to support student entrepreneurship skills and help them interact with companies and their technologies.



Talentime ‘30’ is not just a purely management oriented fest; we also give importance for the cultural programmes as well.

Management Events


  • Mr/Ms Talentime – The Flagship Event (Solo Event)
    Prize Money: Rs.30000
    Not always the Managers are the best and the best are not Managers; this is for one and all to showcase the Best in You.
    Event Co-ordinator: Vijaitha: (+91) 9539111514
  • Prayoga – The Business Plan (04 Members per Team)
    Prize Money: Rs.50000
    Got a spark for a new venture? Looking out for a platform to compete?? This is the right place for you.
    Event Co-ordinator: Ani Krishna: (+91)9037568291
  • Zreshta -The Best Team (05 Members per Team)
    Prize Money: Rs.30000
    Coordination, Cooperation and Collaboration; All done well; the way to bag your prize.
    Event Co-ordinator: Serdeesh KV: (+91)9995607705
  • Prakarana – The Corporate Business Quiz (02 Members per Team)
    Prize Money: Rs.30000
    Quiz Master: Mr Q
    Its time for the genius to pull up their socks; the brain war between the Corporates and the Students
    Event Co-ordinator: Ann Betty: (+91)9496321210
  • Rupika– The Money Game (04 Members per Team)
    Prize Money: Rs.20000
    Let it be Dollars, Rupees or Pounds; if you are good in Numbers, this is your piece of cake.
    Event Co-ordinator: Sanoop T: (+91)9895288735
  • Prabanda– The HR Game (04 Members per Team)
    Prize Money: Rs.20000
    Got a Flare for people management? This one is for you; a combination of brain and talent.
    Event Co-ordinator: Thasleena KT: (+91)8089632790
  • Nirupana – The Treasure Hunt (05 Members per Team)
    Prize Money: Rs.10000
    Troubled coz you are not a “NERD” or a “GEEK”? Not to worry. This is something for each one of you to try out.
    Event Co-ordinator: Nabeel Shakkir: (+91)9539039143

Cultural Events


  • Drizya -The Costume Expo (07-13 Members per Team)
    Prize Money: Rs.22000
    Portray the fashion in you; the stage is all yours.
    Event Co-ordinator: Reshma: (+91)9037471244
  • Vivartana – The Theme Show (07-13 Members per Team)
    Prize Money: Rs.22000
    Just Dance, dance and dance…Till u drop.
    Event Co-ordinator: Anusree: (+91)9895615246
  • Thrayambaka -The war of DJs (Solo event)
    Prize money: Rs.10,000
    Be it The Rap or The Rock; its Show Time …
    Event Co-ordinator: Sajin Sahadevan: (+91)9567364006
  • Anukara -The Adaptune (Solo event)
    Prize Money: Rs.3000
    Put on your dancing shoes and it’s time to show your moves with the tunes…
    Event Co-ordinator: Karthika Suresh: (+91)9895196585
  • Debut performance by Vethalam Band
    On 12th January
    At CUSAT Open Air Auditorium



Poster Sets and Brochures

  Talentime Poster sets - Cusatxpress (1)  


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Vivek Vijayakumar
Chairman | [email protected] | 9495345762

Anas AP
Vice Chairman | [email protected] | 9995666144

Sajin Sahadevan
Marketing Head | [email protected] | 9567364006

Kiran Nair
Events Head | [email protected] | 9567733905

Samarth A
Cultural Events Head | [email protected] | 9567985858

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