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15 Memories you are going to miss when you pass out from CUSAT

There are good days then there are bad days and above all there are days at CUSAT Those lively and cheerful days. At the end, it doesn’t matter how much we used to complain about the facilities, deep down inside our heart all of us just loved those days, campus friends, trips, exams, late night trips and what not. Just keep a hand on your heart and you see you are missing all of it already. If not, I will try my best to make you remember. Here it goes….

  1. Late night studies and pulling all nighters.

    Exams at CUSAT were always ready to screw us but thanks to awesome friends who were willingly ready to pull an all-nighter with you to get works done on time. 😛

  2. Hot teas at Gafoor, Payapilly and our own beloved CCH

    Be it 2 AM night or 4 AM. morning, just gear yourselves a bit and hot tea and coffee used to be just an order away. Evening snacks and coffee with your friends at CCH, that’s all life needs. 🙂

  3. Elections and strikes


    Strikes had always been beloved to CUSATians. Be it SFI, KSU, ABVP, SIO or MSF we needed just a bit of sound from some farther corner of the campus to close our books and call it a ‘certified mass bunk’ 😀 yes you are correct!! STRIKE ON!!

  4. TCH Triangle (so called CCH Triangle)

    Don’t you feel it was the most alive part of our campus with those beautiful yellow flowers scattered around and friends meeting up. A place where you can have coffee with your close friends and have a talk with the superb breeze flowing from all the sides.

  5. Sports and cheering


    from Kurukshetra 2014 (University Sports) ! PC : Thaher Majeed

    whole campus used to bunk and cheer for their friends on the ground. A defeat or win-win friends were always a hero for us. Those cheering which always used to pace up growing louder and louder till the end.

  6. Arts fests and Pro-shows

    From Vipanchika Arts Festival. Pic Courtesy : Anees Muhammed.

    From Vipanchika Arts Festival. Picture Courtesy : Anees Muhammed.

    “Celebration never  ends here” Truly, with all fests starting from vipanchika then Sargam and to end up with technical fests, the motto was common- celebrations and celebrations with the pro-shows all night long. Avial and Lagori- I am sure they are still blowing your minds.

  7. Mass bunks.

    “Was the assignment to be submitted today?” “Oh man, shit let’s have a mass bunk.” And that’s how a simple boring day at cusat used to become fun ending on a movie day or a whole class coffee day and ready to face any consequences.

  8. Hostel life

    A home away from a home with all kinds of discussions, celebrations, matches, hostel-fests, cricket sessions, movie sessions and what not. Wasn’t that awesome to be with so many buddies all around. There used to be college celebrations and then a double-delight hostel celebrations. Agree that you miss that carefree life and your friends living five minutes away from you.

  9. Exam sessions

    Image courtesy Stock image : 123RF.com

    Image courtesy Stock image : 123RF.com

    I still wonder what could be the exact number of exams we passed to complete our graduation. LOL!! Tests, Internals, Externals, Lab Internals, Lab Externals Oh god!! They were like a mess piled up ready to screw us to death but we the masters were ready to unlock every unfavorable situation and used to overcome it by hook or by crook. Thanks to all-nighters yet again.

  10. Daaru sessions

    A series of exams had to end up always with some clean shots of desi or videsi and yeah, to be called celebration once again.

  11. Naps during the day.


    High school schedules didn’t really lend themselves well to it, but college life is a whole other animal. Whether on the quad between classes, or back at home after an 8am-er, napping is one of the most precious aspects of college living.

  12. Campus crushes


    Ever had your heart skipping a beat after seeing someone. Your guess is right..we are talking about the crushes while in college.. Each one there inside our mind for a day or two. Well, the intensity of having them was sometimes two to three a day. And we all know the delight of having just a single sentence talk with them.

  13. Trips with friends

    A frequent plan, bikes, routes and friends that’s all and enough to hit upon the roads with your friends. The serene nature, mighty mountains, roaring seas and all the adventure will get imprinted on your minds for the days to come.

  14. Handling crush and ex

    You’ll miss having someone to analyze your crush’s texts and tell you how to respond.  You will always miss having someone to take your phone away from you when you’re about to text your ex.

  15. and last but not least Friends


    Not the Series but.. Duh. !

    Not the Series but.. Duh. !

    From waking up together, pulling all-nighters together, hanging out together, trying each other’s outfit, never ending gossips, never eating alone, birthday bumps to everything which you never did alone; you will always miss your partners of crime.

Well let us know in the comments What will you miss in CUSAT Campus when you pass out ? or mail us at [email protected]

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